The S&D Group welcomes the resolution adopted by the European Parliament today on the humanitarian crisis in Nepal after the devastating earthquakes in the country.

S&D MEP and Group negotiator, Afzal Khan said:

“We express our strong solidarity with the Nepalese people and applaud their heroic efforts in the aftermaths of the devastating earthquakes. We welcome the humanitarian relief provided by the EU, its member states and the international community. Still, we are deeply concerned about the fact that hundreds of thousands of people in need continue to remain without aid in the country, especially in remote hard-to-reach areas which risk of being further isolated in the coming monsoon period. Delivering humanitarian assistance to them and ensuring a speedy recovery of agriculture must be an urgent priority.

“We welcome the fact that Nepalese political forces have responded to the humanitarian crisis in a spirit of unity. We encourage them to continue on this path with the aim of adopting a new democratic and inclusive constitution, which meets the aspiration of the Nepalese people.”

S&D Group vice-president and standing rapporteur for humanitarian aid in the EP committee on development, Enrique Guerrero Salom said:

“Increasing Nepal’s preparedness for future natural disasters is of crucial importance, including through investing in earthquake-proof infrastructure and addressing the issue of key transport hubs, which became bottlenecks in crisis response situations. Special attention should be paid to the vulnerable situation of women and children in the crisis, in particular to bringing children back to school as soon as possible.

“Humanitarian relief to Nepal should be followed by a comprehensive international aid package serving the recovery and the development of the country. The Nepalese government has announced the holding of an international conference on 25 June 2015 in Kathmandu with the aim of mobilising international support for reconstruction and rehabilitation. The EU and member states should play an active role in these efforts.”

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