Euro MPs from different political groups today in Strasbourg strongly criticised Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orbán for having recently argued for the reintroduction of the death penalty and for launching a biased public consultation demonizing migrants.

Among other questions, the Hungarian Government’s survey asked Hungarian citizens if they agree that “immigrants threaten the jobs and livelihood of Hungarians” and “that the mishandling of immigration issues in Brussels and the spread of terrorism are connected”[1].

S&D president Gianni Pittella MEP said:

“Orbán’s continuous provocations have exceeded all limits of decency. The seriousness of his statements must not be underestimated.

“We all remember Berlusconi’s years. The endless string of improbable statements, swiftly rebutted, that constantly embarrassed Italy and its citizens.

“Hungary is a great country and deserves better than this. It cannot transform itself into a stage where anything goes, in which our common values are sacrificed in an effort to maintain power and control of the country.

“The European Union is a community based on the rule of law, and on fundamental values that are non-negotiable. If Orbán has no respect for the values of the EU, we ask him at least to have respect for the dignity of his people.”

István Ujhelyi MEP, head of the Hungarian S&D delegation, added:

“It is getting rather embarrassing for the Hungarian government to be summoned again by the European Parliament to discuss their questionable measures, after several previous efforts to tame the Orbán-regime from repeatedly ignoring fundamental rights and common European values. 

“We would have preferred not to have to see such a debate, as the initiatives which prompted it shed a negative light on our country. However, as members of the S&D Group, we want to show that Hungary has another and truly European face.

“Hungary cannot be in opposition to Europe. Hungary needs the support of the other European countries, just like Hungarians need a democratic government”.


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